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And then there were two. 
Rear housing is mounted up, 
front is nestling in nicely...


Drivetrain: noun: a group of drivetrain parts that interact with the engine to move the wheels and numerous parts of the vehicle to push it into motion. 

This V10 diesel engine has no timing belts or chains. All of the accessories and the cams are driven from gears on the back of the block. The A/C compressor is driven by a through-shaft from the stock power steering pump.
Not enough pressure, not enough volume.
I'm also running a Mile Marker hydraulic winch, definitely not enough volume. In place of the A/C compressor, I've mounted a two stage hydraulic gear pump. I can't remove the stock pump because the gears that drive it are required for proper backlash in the system. So it's just a shaft that also pumps fluid.
In one circuit of the gear pump, I'll run the steering components, in the second, the winch. Each system will have it's own @radialdynamics combined pressure relief & filter assembly. Each system will have it's own #VortexReservoir. Each system will have it's own cooler.

Plenty of pressure, plenty of volume.

Ford 9"

It's narrow. The car's not, though

Front IFS diff housing


I started on the divorced Dana 300 mount -n- things. The output shaft from the transmission is an oddball 49 spline 1.5" shaft. When I had the transfer case rebuilt by @round2offroad I had them put a 32 spline input shaft in it. This is from the GM NV4500 transmissions. I bought an output shaft from one of those and lopped off the 32 spline end. Took the input shaft from the stock transfer case, cut it where it fits the 49 spline transmission, and will be welding them together with what I can only imagine is the weakest link in the driveline if it isn't the transmission internals...

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